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And the Emmy Goes to...Oil Spill

Discovering Alabama: Oil Spill received two regional Emmy awards from the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences in Atlanta this past Saturday, June 20th. Last year, the long-running series known for celebrating the natural wonders of Alabama won its first Emmy for Discovering Alabama: Space. Although not a news-oriented series, when the oil began spewing into the Gulf of Mexico,  it was impossible to ignore the long term questions that left many wondering about the impact. Time has passed. News crews have moved on to new stories. Yet this documentary reminds us that this story is far from over. Natural history doesn't have the luxury to just forget.


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Various species of that unique flying mammal, bats, can be found in Alabama.  Several, such as the Little Brown Bat (Myotis lucifugus) and the Big Yellow Bat (Lasiurus intermedius) are considered imperiled due to declining populations.  This program follows a team of bat scientists on a research expedition into Alabama’s Bankhead National Forest to study the habits and ecological status of bats.  Included are expert assessments of the special capabilities of bats and their important role in the natural environment.

Alabama Allure

Since 1985, Discovering Alabama has been bringing you the wild wonders of our state. And since 2005, we’ve been bringing you those wonders in glorious high definition. But there’s only so much of this magnificent footage we can fit into a regular show, so for this special addition, we’re going to kick back, add some beautiful music, and enjoy the unique allure of Alabama.


And the Emmy Goes To...Us!

Discovering Alabama: Alabama in Space won in the category "Writer--Program (Non-News)." For 25 years Discovering Alabama has been celebrating the natural history and wonders of Alabama and for six decades CPT&R has been producing public television. This award reflects what teamwork and vision can accomplish.

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