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"Knocking Girls Down" to Premiere at Sidewalk Moving Picture Fest


Sidewalk Moving Picture Festival -
Saturday, August 27th, 2011 -
8:45 p.m. at Alabama Power Auditorium –

Remember Roller Derby? It’s back. There are 200 women’s roller derby leagues in the US. Most of them are less than 5 years old. And who are the skaters?  You might be surprised.  On Birmingham’s Tragic City Rollers roster there’s a librarian working on a master’s degree, an RN at Children’s hospital, and a Metro police officer who’s also a mom.  They talk about sisterhood, self-actualization, and the satisfaction of a good smack well-delivered. This documentary follows a season with the team on and off the track to discover not only how the game is played, but why.

Watch the Trailer:

A documentary by Mike Letcher and Nick Rymer
Edited by Billy Chew

See it at the Sidewalk Moving Picture Festival.